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EyeBlock’s crypto wallet screening tool identifies all AML/CFT risks related to a crypto wallet and its transactions and automatically provides a risk score, a measure to evaluate the risk for a crypto wallet to be related to illegal activity.

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Eyeblock's wallet checker supports many cryptocurrencies as listed below.
How it works

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What we do
Our solutions check wallets for illicit assets and instantly provide you with real-time risk scoring based on the major risk categories. Eyeblock enables you to monitor incoming and outgoing transactions for any suspicious crypto assets.Using our tools, you can measure your risk exposure from origin to destination.

How we do it
By using next generation AI, our tools make use of international databases,Sanctions lists, Web, Darkweb, Deepweb and Social Media to screen wallets for any suspicious or illegal activity, and provide you with an overall risk scoring based on the result. For a more detailed description, please click on this link.

Why you need it
As crypto transactions become more widespread and integrated into our daily lives, the chances increase for individuals and businesses to unwittingly become linked to financial crimes, by receiving tainted crypto assets. By screening your wallets before every transaction, and at regular intervals you reduce the risk of receiving or passing on crypto assets linked to illegal activity, and having your wallets blocked.
Powered by next generation intelligence
Eyeblock's next generation machine learning algorithm can be used to identify unknown addresses and transactions in the chain for the specific wallet that could be suspicious. Risk categories and source of funds are also available including a risk score based on our methodology from our AML experts.
Simplify your life, get peace of mind, and manage your risks
Eyeblock’s solutions help simplify your life and manage your crypto related risks by enabling you to continuously monitor incoming and outgoing crypto transactions for any links to illegal activity. We give you peace of mind by measuring your exposure and managing the risks related to your crypto transactions.
Flexible subscription plans
You can enjoy the protection and benefits we offer by subscribing to one of our monthly or yearly plans and choosing the one that best suits your needs. By subscribing to one of our plans, you not only secure more attractive costs per search, but should your needs change in the future, you can instantly upgrade or downgrade as needed, without incurring any penalties.
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How often should I carry out checks?
I trust my counterparty, but the risk score was above 50%, what should I do?
What happens if I have used up my monthly number of searches?
What data sources used for the screening?

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